2020 Jury


Marco Gambino is an Italian actor who’s been working extensively in the UK and abroad. His career spans from theatre to television and films. He has appeared in some of the most popular Italian and British television series including Young MontalbanoEmmerdaleThe Boss of the BossesSquadra antimafiaRomolo and Giuly. Films include the International, il Traditore.


Marco is also known for a number of theatre monologues which he normally interprets in more than one language amongst which Words of HonourOthello’s Guilt and Maria Callas: The Black Pearl.


Marco’s love for classical music has led him to various collaborations with world acclaimed musicians amongst whom more recently the Brazilian pianist Marcelo Bratke.


Award winning crime novelist Peter Guttridge has been a freelance film journalist for most of the ‘posh’ British newspapers – The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times, The Observer and The Independent.

He has also specialised in reviewing Spanish and Latin American literature in translation for these newspapers.


Greta Scacchi is an Italian/Australian actress whose international film career began in 1983 with her starring role in James Ivory’s arthouse hit Heat & Dust.


Since then she had worked in many countries and languages with, amongst others, directors Margarethe Von Trotta, Dušan Makaveyev, Andrej Konchalovsky, Diane Kurys, the Taviani brothers, Michael Blakemore, Alan Pakula, Robert Altman, Gillian Armstrong, Wolfgang Peterson, Michael Radford, Mike Figgis, Francois Girauld, Carole Morley, Tom Hooper, Kate Woods, Gianni Amelio, Rachel Ward and Ciro Guerra.


Films include Good Morning BabylonWhite MischiefPresumed InnocentThe PlayerThe Red ViolinLooking for AlibrandiJefferson in Paris and, more recently BBC’s War & Peace.


Greta has played in the theatre in the UK, Australia, France and Italy and her voice can be heard regularly in radio drama and narration.


She has participated in many film festival juries including Cannes, Istanbul, Venice, Bari, Deaville, Montreal, Saint Tropez, Angoulême, Otranto and Sydney’s Tropfest.